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24 Hour Talk Time Battery for SoundStation2W
6 355 руб.
Expansion microphones kit for SoundStation2 and SoundStation2 Avaya 2490. Includes two (2) expansion microphones and two (2) 3m/9.7ft expansion microphone cables. Compatible with SoundStation2 EX and SoundStation2 Avaya 2490 220-240V models only
17 810 руб.
SoundStation2 () conference phone with display. Expandable. Includes 220V-240V AC power/telco module, power cord with CEE7/7 plug, 6.4m console cable, 2.8m telco cable. Does NOT include expansion mics
42 455 руб.
VVX 1500 D dual stack (SIP&H.323) Business Media Phone with factory disabled media encryption for Russia. Does not include AC power supply (PoE). (First year maintenance contract required)
72 620 руб.
SoundStation Duo dual-mode conference phone w/ factory disabled media encryption including Power Supply, Power Cord with CEE 7/7 plug, Power Injection Module with 6.4m combined PSTN/Cat5 cable, 2.1m RJ-11 PSTN cable, 2.1m Cat5 cable and Quick Start Guide
47 415 руб.
SoundStructure C8 Ceiling Microphone array-White "Primary". Includes 2ft/60cm drop cable, electronics Interface, wall plate with 10ft/3m & 50ft/15m plenum cable, RJ45(F)/Walta(M). For RealPresence Group, HDX & SoundStructure. See Extension for additional arrays.
107 470 руб.
SoundStation IP 5000 conference phone with factory disabled media encryption. 802.3af Power over Ethernet. Includes 6 meter Ethernet cable
33 450 руб.
CX300 R2 USB Desktop Phone for Microsoft Lync. Includes 6ft/1.8m USB cable
12 570 руб.
Cable - Two (2) expansion microphone cables, 25ft/7.6m for SoundStation IP 7000
2 050 руб.
Expansion Microphone Kit for SoundStation IP 7000. Includes two (2) expansion mics and 2.1m/7ft connection cables
20 390 руб.
AC Power Kit for SoundStation IP 5000. Includes 100-240VAC, 0.4A, 48VDC/19W power supply, 1.8m power cord with CEE 7/7 plug and a Power Insertion Cable (PIC)
7 195 руб.
AC Power Kit for CX500/600, 24VDC. Includes PSU and local cordset with Europe CEE 7/7 plug. 5-Pack
7 825 руб.
VVX 600 16-line Business Media Phone with built-in Bluetooth and HD Voice. Compatible Partner platforms: 20. Factory disabled media encryption for Russia. POE. Ships without power supply.
33 750 руб.
VVX 310 6-line Desktop Phone Gigabit Ethernet with with factory disabled media encryption for Russia. POE. Ships without power supply
12 220 руб.
Expansion (EX) microphone kit for SoundStation VTX 1000 and SoundStation IP6000. Includes two EX mics and two 7ft/2.3m cables. Does not include China
20 390 руб.
Наушники с микрофоном GENIUS CAVIMANUS HS-G700V, 31710043101, мониторы, черный
4 210 руб.

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